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Refine your skin with help from SkinDivaEsthetics

 Skin Care & Body Contouring

 in Brea, California.

Our Policies

Here at SkinDivaEsthetics Skin Care & Body Contouring in Brea, California, we have policies that our clients should comply with. Browse through this page to learn more about our policies. If you have any questions, please give us a call today.


Please keep in mind that every client is different in response to any skincare or body contouring treatments, depending on your age, health and lifestyle habits. Individual results may vary and no guarantees can be made. However, you must adhere to the before and after care guidelines for any services rendered to get the best results of your treatment. We will discuss your treatment(s), expected results, possible risks, costs, and alternative options with you during your visit. Statements provided in this website are for informational purposes only and do not constitute medical advice. The content here is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health providers with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition before any services are rendered. A doctor's clearance may be requested before treatments are rendered if there are questions regarding your health history. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read here.


  1. You will be given a courtesy call or text reminder the day of or before your appointment. However, please let us know if you need to cancel an appointment at least 12-24 hours in advance. This allows enough time to call someone on the cancellation list or book another client for that time slot.

If you need to call after business hours to cancel please send an email or text at 562-347-3587. You may text us anytime up until 12AM midnight Monday-Sunday.

NOTE: If a client repeatedly cancels with less than 12-24hour notice OR no-shows their appointment they may be asked to either: provide a credit card number to have on file to bill per session missed, or pre-pay for the service next time.  Prepaid packaged sessions will be forfeited a missed session(s) for repeated cancellations.

If you are a GROUPON customer and you repeatedly cancel without 12-24 hour notice, we reserve the right to redeem your voucher without you using it in place of charging you a late cancellation fee. This also applies to packaged  GROUPON deals as well.

If you have to be more than 10 minutes late, we understand things can happen. However, you may have to reschedule depending on when the next appointment is scheduled after yours or have your service shortened. This ensures that all clients have adequate time for their services. Cancellation policies are put in place to protect clients that are on time, keep their appointments, or notify in a timely fashion when they need to cancel/reschedule. An appointment that is made and not kept causes us to lose valuable time and keeps another client from being able to come in.

Please do not bring young children with you to your appointment, as we do not have a place for them to wait or to be watched. This is a place of business and relaxation and we'd like to continue to provide that environment for all of our clients.

Health Conditions

Please make sure that you read any contraindications (conditions that are not recommended for a service) which are posted on this website for most treatments, before scheduling a service. A consultation is required to review your health history. If there may some issue or concerns, rescheduling or modifying your treatment may be suggested according to your needs and safety.

Ladies, if you still have your menstrual cycles, body contouring should not be performed at that time in order to avoid heavy or heavier flow due to the pressure from the body contouring procedures. It is YOUR responsibility to schedule your appointments accordingly and notify me immediately if your cycle comes early and interferes with your already scheduled appointment so that it can be rescheduled once your cycle has completely ceased.


All sales are FINAL including product sales. We are unable to process any refunds or reimburse any payment transaction on any unused service or packaged services. We will, however, exchange them for other services of equal value. The only exception is if there was a mistake in credit card transaction or you have a medical condition which disqualifies you for a certain service. In that case, a doctor's note may be required from you.

Accepted Payment Methods

We accept cash, credit card, debit card, Venmo 

and Salon Pay 

**No Checks Accepted**


  • Salon Pay now offers clients up to $1200 to spend at their favorite Salon Pay salon with access to your Zip Pay, Afterpay or Sezzle account at your favorite Salon.
  • Pay for your products and services in small, easy instalments with no interest, ever!
  • No credit checks or prior history required to access your Salon Pay account.