What is acne?

Acne is a disease of the sebaceous hair follicle on the face, chest & back.


What causes acne?

 No one factor causes acne. Acne happens when oil (sebaceous) glands come to life around puberty, stimulated by male hormones from the adrenal glands of both boys and girls. Sebum (oil) is a natural substance which lubricates and protects the skin, and under certain circumstances, cells that are close to the surface block the openings of sebaceous glands and cause a buildup of oil underneath. This oil stimulates bacteria (which live on everyone's skin and generally cause no problems) to multiply and cause surrounding tissues to become inflamed.

Inflammation near the skin's surface produces a pustule; deeper inflammation results in a papule (pimple); deeper still and it's a cyst. If the oil breaks though to the surface, the result is a "whitehead." If the oil accumulates melanin pigment or becomes oxidized, the oil changes from white to black, and the result is a "blackhead." Blackheads are therefore not dirt, and do not reflect poor hygiene.


Acne can develop at any age. Mature acne is often due to hormonal imbalances. It is important to moisturize oily skin. There is a tendency to want to dry out oily skin, when this happens the sebaceous glands work even harder to produce more oil.



 The following may be contributing factors to acne:

1.      Pressure: In some people, pressure from helmets, chinstraps, collars, suspenders, and the like can aggravate acne

2.    Drugs: Some medications may cause or worsen acne, such as those containing iodides, bromides, or oral or injected steroids (either the medically prescribed prednisone or the steroids that bodybuilders or athletes take). Other drugs that can cause or aggravate acne are anticonvulsant medications and lithium, which is used to treat bipolar disorder. Most cases of acne, however, are not drug-related

3.    Occupations: In some jobs, exposure to industrial products like cutting oils may produce acne.    



How many treatments must I do to achieve clear skin?

Treatments are performed every two weeks until your skin clears which takes anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks (about six treatments over a three-month period). This amount of time is crucial in order to get you mostly to completely clear and significant results will be seen at least within six weeks. After your acne is under control,  your home-care regimen is necessary to keep your acne managed.  Office visits for acne treatments such as extractions and other professional treatments (high frequency, chem peel) every few months is recommended to keep your skin as healthy as possible. 






Acne Consultation (no treatment)

Consists of determining the type of acne you have and recommendations about a treatment plan leading to healthy and clear skin. A nutritional and lifestyle assessment is included as well as home care          30 minutes $45




Acne Treatment Facial & Consultation

These treatments can help heal 70-80% of mild to moderate acne within 6-12 weeks by killing the underlining bacteria. It includes an anti-bacterial cleanse, exfoliation, desincrustation with extractions, high frequency, anti-bacterial masque, acne astringent, antibacterial moisturizer, salicylic acne treatment  

** consultation fee is waived             75 minutes $75.00


Acne Treatment Facial Package: Series of 3 treatments  $250.00

                                                                   Series of 6 treatments  $375.00





Deep Pore Cleansing Facial    

Renew healthy clear skin! This treatment thoroughly frees blocked pores, re-balances sebum production, and reduces breakouts and shine on the skin. Great for oily types of skin. The result will be smooth, healthy, and clean skin. Includes a double steam cleansing, exfoliation, desincrustation to loosen whiteheads/blackheads, deeper extractions, skin vacuuming, a deep pore cleansing masque, neck/shoulder massage and toner, moisturizer                                     

70 minutes  $75.00