Micro Current Face Lift 





This treatment uses a microcurrent facial toning machine which sends safe, painless impulses to the muscles in your face that help overly-tightened muscles to relax and helps under worked muscles to regain strength & "re-educates" the facial muscles, restoring them back almost to their original shape. It is designed to help lift aging skin, eliminate wrinkles and fine lines, stimulate blood circulation, and tightens tired muscles. For optimum results a series of 6-12 treatments is recommended within 60 days and/or 2 treatments per week are suggested until desired results are achieved. Maintenance may depend on the individual's goals but 1-2x per month is recommended.


Recommended Treatments:

The number of sessions depends on the age and skin condition of the client. The effects of treatments are cumulative. It is recommended to do a series of treatments.

Recommended frequency by age: 
30-35 Years: 4-6 treatments (1x week). Maintenance every 6-8 weeks
35-40 Years: 6-10 treatments (2x week). Maintenance every 6-8 weeks
40-50 Years: 8-12 treatments (3x week). Maintenance every 6-8 weeks
50-60 Years: 12-15 treatments (3x week). Maintenance every 4-8 weeks
Over 60 Years: 15 Treatments (3x week). Maintenance every 4 weeks


Includes basic steam cleansing, microcurrent treatment, a firming/toning collagen masque, massage of neck and shoulders and firming anti-aging serum/moisturizers.


      Series of 6: $ 650.00     Series of 12: $ 1200.00






Increased circulatory benefits: blood and lymph

Muscle re-education

Iontophoresis: product penetration

Increased natural production of collagen and elastin

Increase in protein synthesis, gluco neo-genesis and membranes transport

Increase in mitochondria activity, ATP (adenosine tri phosphate)

Dispersion of hardened collagen



**CONTRAINDICATIONS (Not recommended for those who have):

  • pace makers
  • epilepsy
  • pregnancy
  • phlebitis 
  • thrombosis
  • currently “under the care of a physician”
  • melanoma
  • acne rosacea
  • history of strokes
  • metal plates or pins
  • diabetes
  • hypersensitive skin
  • loss of skin sensation
  • Bells Palsy